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Why Should I buy Frog Pond Farm Goat Milk Soap?

Each one of our bars is created to provide all natural clean hydrated skin.  Whether you choose our Back to Basics unscented soap, or one with a bit more scent, they will give you a refreshed feeling, that is second to none.  You can't get a more all natural soap than this!

  • Our soap is all natural - Our soaps main ingredient is all natural raw goat milk from our own registered alpine herd.  This combined with coconut oil, shea butter, and other ingredients give you a clean, fresh, bathing experience.  Your skin will feel clean and refreshed throughout the day

  • Local made - Local & Veteran owned - Our soaps and products are small batch created right in Canfield, Ohio.  

  • It's great for you! - Medical studies have shown that your skin absorbs over 50% of whatever you put on it, so why not make it sure it's the best?  Our all natural soaps contain, oils (Essential oils, not fragrance oils) and butters are good for your skin, and do not contain harsh chemicals, unneeded preservatives, dyes, or fillers.  just all natural products as nature intended.  The soft qualities of our Goat Milk Soap has even shown to help with psoriasis (Based on customer reviews).

  • Beware of imitations! - Many "goat milk soaps" are nothing more than a store bought base remelted and poured into a mold.  These soaps, call "melt and pour", are sold at many craft stores and are loaded with preservatives and chemicals.  Customers should know what they are getting and putting on their bodies so we believe in 100% transparency.  If you ever have any questions on what our ingredients are, please contact us.  Our soaps contain only milk from our own healthy herd and other ingredients hand selected that are good for you and sustainable.

  • Our ingredients are sustainably sourced! - We ensure to the best of our ability that our products are sustainable to promote good manufacturing and farming practices. 

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