Frog Pond Farm

We purchased our property in 2011 because we needed acreage for our horses.   It wasn’t until 2013 that we actually came up with the name “Frog Pond Farm.”  Our goal at that time was to be reasonably self-sustainable and produce as many healthy non-GMO foods that we could manage.

We began our menagerie with a few ducks to swim on our pond.  Shortly after, we figured we should add a few chickens for some farm-fresh eggs and organic meat.   Next, in 2014, we added our first beehive.  Finally, in 2015, we welcomed our first two goats to our farm.

We never really had intentions for it to become what it is today.  When one of our goats started to produce milk spontaneously, we needed a use for it, so we made soap.  Someone asked us if the soap was for sale, so we sold our first bar.  And now, it is a full-blown business.

We pride ourselves on providing a healthy, all-natural soap, not only for our personal use, but also for our customers.  Mostly though, we pride ourselves in giving the best care we can to our animals.  The 16 goats, 15 chickens,  5 cats, two dogs, and thousands of bees are a big part of what makes Frog Pond Farm what it is, and without them it would just be a field with an empty barn.

Marsha, Dave, & Pepper

We take extreme pride in that ALL the milk used in our products comes from our own goats.  We do not purchase store-bought melt-and-pour soap and market it as our own.  You can be assured that the milk we use is fresh daily and milked to Grade A standards with USDA Certification being our goal!

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor, and if you’re ever in the area, feel free to drop us a line and stop by and say “Hi!”  The goats love visitors!

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