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Why Goat Milk Soap?

Goat Milk Soap from Frog Pond Farm is made from all natural ingredients and oils to help promote healthy skin.  Many soaps that you find in the stores use harsh chemicals that can actually dry out your skin.  Additionally our customers have said that it helps with psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin. 

What makes your soap different than the others?

There are many vendors  that make "Goat Milk Soap" but use purchased soap  base..  While it does contain goats milk, it also contains  harsh chemicals to add to its shelf life.  On top of that, there is no way of knowing where the ingredients originated from.

Frog Pond Farm milks its own herd of registered Alpine and Nubian goats twice a day and hand crafts each small batch on the farm.  We control 100% of the product from start to finish to ensure we offer the best products you can get.  Additionally, every batch we make contains 25% goat milk.  No water, no fillers.  Pure goodness for your skin.


What is Melt and Pour?

Melt and Pour is a store bought soap that is already made.  People then take this and melt it down to "make" custom soaps.  These soaps are typically loaded with more chemicals than actual milk.  Pure raw goat milk is our main ingredient without all the extra chemicals.

Why doesn't your soap smell really strong?
 Many of the soaps we make contain only pure essential oils to add fragrance to stay as all natural as possible.  While the soaps don't smell really strong on the shelf, once they are wet, the smell will be present without being overwhelming.  We do offer soap with fragrance oil added for the customers who prefer a stronger scent.
Do you sell raw milk?

We do not sell raw milk as it is illegal to do so in the State of Ohio


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