mADDIE 2017

Izzy and Emma as babies in our basement

Isabelle gRAZING

April and Maddie out grazing

April stuck in a tree

Emma Waiting for food

April and Maddie

Izzy and Emma

Isabelle, always the center of attention

We currently have a herd of six goats at Frog Pond Farm.  All of these are registered Alpine Does (Females) which are known for good consistent milk production as well as good flavor.  We also chose the Alpines for their gentle and playful personalities which makes them a pleasure to work with.

Emma and Isabelle - Emma and Izzy are both registered french Alpines and half sisters.  This means that their bloodlines go back to their ancestors which were imported from France to the USA in the early 1900s.  Emma and Izzy have an interesting story.  They were born in early January 2015, and for those in the Ohio area, you'll remember that it was bitter cold.  Dave had built a shelter for them in the barn, however even with 3 heat lamps the temperature would not get above 15 degrees.  Since Emma and Izzy were only a week old at the time, we had no option but to build them a small shelter area in the basement of our house, I mean it should warm up in a few weeks!  10 weeks later, they were finally big enough, and it was warm enough, to get them out into the barn!  Needless to say, these two hold a special place in our hearts.  Both are scheduled to be bred in Nov 2017.

Maddie and April - Maddie and April are also registered Alpines, they are twins and also born on Marsha's birthday!  Unlike Izzy and Emma, they are American Alpines.  While their bloodlines can, and do, go back to their French ancestors, they also pull genetics from other versions on the Alpine breed.  This gives them a very wide gene pool and has resulted in a somewhat larger and stronger goat with increased production ability over French Alpines.  We purchased these two in June to help diversify the genetics at the farm.

Luna and Tulsi-  Luna and Tulsi are also twins.  They are French Alpines and were born in March of 2017.   We purchsed these two sweet girls from a local family in December of 2017.  "Tulsi" is another name for the herb "holy basil."   When we brought Luna and Tulsi home, they were older than Maddie and April but they were much smaller due to the difference between breeds.  The younger goats are all best friends and love to run and jump around the pasture!

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