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Meet the Crew

We currently have a herd of 24 goats at Frog Pond Farm.  All of these are registered Alpines and Nubians  which are known for good consistent milk production, high butterfat, as well as good flavor.  We also chose these breeds for their gentle and playful personalities which makes them a pleasure to work with.

Our Breeds

There are many different breeds of goats ranging from miniature goats to the large dairy breeds.  Our two breeds are Alpines and Nubians


The mainstay of many dairies

Graceful, elegant, curious, hardy and friendly. These words best describe Alpine goats.

As the name suggests, the Alpines’ hardiness and agility perfected them for life in the Alps mountain range. A strain of French Alpines was imported to the U.S. in 1922, which formed the basis of all purebred Alpines.

Alpines are a medium breed goat weighing between 100 - 175 pounds.  Their average production ranges between 1 -2 gallons per day


The Nubian goat is a beautiful goat with origins as diverse as the many colors they come in. Goats imported from Africa, India, and the Middle East have contributed to creating this dairy goat breed, with England being the cradle where the Nubian dairy goat was refined into the breed it is today.

Nubians are known for their long flowing ears and roman noses.  While the amount of production isn't as high as our Alpines, they have a very high butterfat content which is perfect for making delicious goat cheese.

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