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Welcome to Frog Pond Farm

Handmade Goat Milk Products
 A Woman Owned small business

Homegrown by Heros label - a veteran owned farm
Logo for Ohio Proud - Products are made and farmed in Ohio

Try our Incredible Goat Milk Fudge

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Whether you are hosting a wedding shower, baby shower, or  corporate event, set it apart with a custom soap from Frog Pond Farm.  Our soaps can be customized with your event colors, custom embossed name, and even different bag colors!

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About Us

How the journey began......

Marsha and Dave Coakley met in 2010. Little did they know when this photo was taken on their wedding day that goats would eventually become a major part of their lives.

Dave is a retired Air Force veteran who works as an Environmental Health and Safety manager at a local power plant . Marsha quit her  administrative job in 2020 to run the farm business full-time.  Together, they have four grown children and two grandchildren. They are both Ohio natives.

Their first experience with goat milk began in 2015 when Isabelle, one of the first two does on the farm unexpectedly developed an udder full of milk.  Goats can spontaneously produce milk without ever having  been pregnant first. This is called a precocious udder.  They had no milking equipment, so Isabelle was milked into a stainless bucket by hand.  That milk was used in the first batch of soap.   And THAT is how the business started...

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