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Quality items direct from the farm!

Canfield, Ohio

All of the Grade A milk we use in our natural hand-crafted, small batch products is from our registered dairy goat herd.
Proper animal care and well-being is our #1 priority.

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Whether you are hosting a wedding shower, baby shower, or  corporate event, set it apart with a custom soap from Frog Pond Farm & Dairy.  Our soaps can be customized with your event colors, custom embossed name, and even bag colors!

"Everything I purchased was amazing, the soaps smelled really really good and didn’t leave any residue, will buy more ! Thanks!"

"Great soap, worked great as a unique gift for my cousin who I was unsure what to get her. She loved it!"

"Love these products! The fact that they are all natural and quality-made makes them my go-to soaps. I also really like the lip balms. They're very moisturizing and keep my lips feeling soft. I'm looking forward to trying all of the fall scents!!"

"I'm very pleased with both the vanilla mint lip balm and the coffee cinnamon scrub goats milk soap. Love them!!"

"Love the soap my daughter got me for Mother's Day... really like the lavender smell and that it's all natural... looking forward to trying all of your products!!!"

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About Us

How the journey began......

Marsha and Dave Coakley met in 2010. Little did they know when this photo was taken on their wedding day that goats would eventually become a major part of their lives.

Dave is a retired Air Force veteran who works as an Environmental Health and Safety Director in a local food manufacturing company. Marsha quit her  administrative job in 2020 to run the farm business full-time.  Together, they have four grown children and two grandchildren. They are both Ohio natives.

Their first experience with goat milk began in 2015 when Isabelle, one of the first two does on the farm unexpectedly developed an udder full of milk.  Goats can spontaneously produce milk without ever having been put to pregnancy first. This is called a precocious udder.  They had no milking equipment, so Isabelle was milked into a stainless bucket by hand.  That milk was used in the first batch of soap.   And THAT is how the soap business started...

After the soap business took off, fudge was added.  The farm received a Grade-A license in July of 2020 and now it is a full-service processing plant that can produce liquid milk and cheese as well as soap and fudge.