Live Goat Cams

Frog Pond Farm and Dairy currently has 16 Alpine Dairy goats ranging from seven years to one year old.  Its always fun to watch their antics as they go about their day. 


If you watch often, you'll notice our goats get free choice of going in or out of their stalls.  They often spend their mornings outside playing, and their afternoons napping in the sun or in the barn. 

A typical day is:

6:00 am - Fed and let out

6:00 pm - Fed and brought inside or out till dark in the summer

Help us keep this running

While we love sharing the lives of our goats with all our great members, this does come at a substantial cost.  In order for us to continue, we would like to ask for a small donation to cover our monthly streaming fees.  We hope you enjoy the cameras and watch often!

Thank you


A view of the goat pasture from the House Cam

Pasture Cam 1
Photo Feb 14, 7 07 04 AM.png

Close up of the front pasture where the girls lie to bask in the sun

Pasture Cam 2
Photo Feb 18, 12 52 58 PM.jpg

The girls inside home

Goat Pen 1
Photo Feb 18, 4 55 44 PM.png

The girls second pen

Goat Pen 2
Photo Jul 10, 10 02 25 PM.jpg
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